A dream that finally comes true

A dream that finally comes true


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Digital Design , Development

On a yearly basis, in the Netherlands alone, we throw away millions of mattresses into bulky waste, with all the associated environmental consequences. Unnecessary, if you ask Ubed! They wanted to wake up the industry and will not rest before that their is a both comfortable and durable matras. And with success! Ubed has developed a modular mattress that matches your personal preference. We can say from experience that it is super comfortable!

Minimal Viable Product

To jump-start Ubed, we developed a lean and mean MVP (minimum viable product). We determined together what the must-haves and nice-to-haves were. This is a good way to go live quickly with a site that has the most  important features on it. 

It is a customizable platform in which we can make flexible additions of changes. We can easily add nice-to-haves and extra features at a later stage.


Ubed aims to achieve 100% recyclability of the mattress. Sustainability should be part of Ubed’s entire process, not just the mattress.

We have developed a website that takes sustainability best practices into account and tells the sustainability story in a positive way.

How did we do that?

  • We designed a dark website. Dark colors require less energy to illuminate. Black is the lowest energy color and white the most energy intensive.
  • One type of font. Multiple fonts and font weights can increase power consumption and cause slow performance.
  • We reduce file size and power consumption by handling images efficiently. We use Imgix for this. It also helps with the speed of the website!

A shorter user flow. Not only is that appreciated by users, but it also saves energy by reducing the amount of time spent online and the number of pages loaded for users to achieve their goals. This means providing exactly the amount of information needed to complete a task and nothing more (or less).

Content = King

Because we don’t want to overwhelm visitors with a huge amount of information, we have made the images and videos the hero of the website. We give the visitor the information they need and keep the design to a minimum.

This provides a high-end and modern look and feel.

The platform

Ubed.com is WordPress in combination with Woocommerce. WordPress offers a solid basis for developing a flexible website with its own theme. This gave us the freedom to create a website with a unique look & feel and maximum speed. Woocommerce is used to keep track of the product and incoming orders.

Other tools we use:

  • Reviews: Kiyoh
  • FAQ and contact: Zendesk

The project in a pressure cooker

Before we got started, we dove deep into the wishes of the users by doing a low-threshold user research. A questionnaire has provided a lot of insight into what people expect from a mattress and how they would like to order a mattress online.

With this knowledge and the wishes of the Ubed team, we got to work. The Interface sprint and the Development Sprint ran parallel. This ensured that the team could switch quickly and come up with solutions together. In a short time we have set up a brand new website.

Curious about this new platform? Take a quick look at www.ubed.com

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