Subscription model for meal shakes especially for diabetic people

Subscription model for meal shakes especially for diabetic people


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Diabetix is new on the market and came up with an idea, mealshakes for diabetic people. A lot of mealshakes consist of loads of sugar and for diabetic people that can be problematic. Luckily Diabetix had the solution: mealshakes for diabetic people with no added sugars in it. Their target audience are older people who want to replace one of their meals with just a shake. Each shake contains 20% of the daily reference intake of vitamins. Diabetix reached out to us, to help them optimize their Shopify webshop.

Diabetix was founded by Jurriaan and Maarten at the end of 2021. There are many people with diabetes and it costs a lot of time, energy and knowledge to implement a healthy lifestyle. This triggered them to develop a solution and then Diabetix was born. With Diabetix you get just the right amount of slow carbohydrates, fiber, vegetable proteins, healthy fats and essential vitamins and minerals without any effort.

They developed the shake and then it was ready to sell, but they had no place to sell it on. They started with their own webshop in Shopify, but ran into some issues. Diabetix contacted us to help them personalize the theme and make the most out of it. Some wishes we mainly helped them with was the subscription. Subscription models are one of the trends of 2022, because it makes your life so much easier. You don’t have to order everything, but it gets automatically delivered to your house every other month.

Changes within shopify

The Diabetix webshop is made in Shopify. For just selling one product it is very easy to start with. You don’t have to spend that much money on creating your own platform. Diabetix doesn’t have any physical store so their webshop is their main point for selling their products. 

Diabetix already had their own branding so we didn’t have to do much about that. Our main focus was the product detail page and cart. We redesigned the product detail page so the user has a nice experience ordering the shakes. Diabetix only sells two flavors of meal shakes: vanilla and chocolate. These two options are shown on the same page so that you can easily order two different flavors. 

When you order, you get an indication how many mealshakes you can make with the amount you buy. This fulfills the expectation of the buyer and they know exactly how long they can use the product.

The next step is subscription

We helped  Diabetix set up the subscription plan on the product detail page. This was the biggest challenge for them. We used the plug-in Recharge to be able to add the subscription for buying. You can implement this and the monthly payment goes via credit card or other payment methods that you want to offer. You have to keep in mind that you have to pay for the different payment options, so choose wisely on what you want to offer.

To complete your whole experience we created an upsell function in the cart. When you are in the cart you can add a shake cup for free! Who doesn’t love a free product. Later on they can change this into another product

Curious how the shake will taste? Take a look at , order your own and get a free shake cup on your order