Welcome aboard MAUDD.NL

We are proud to announce that we are going to start working with MAUDD.NL

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New partnership Maudd

MAUDD is a Dutch fashion brand, which offers fashionable an affordable clothing.

At MAUDD they don’t sit still. Every week they supplement the collection with all kinds of fun, new, affordable and trendy women’s clothing. So you’ve come to the right place for all the latest fashion trends. They have 8 MAUDD-stores in the north of the Netherlands: Leek, Hoogezand, Vries, Stadskanaal, Beilen, Hoogeveen, Emmen and Ter Apel. They offer a wide range of women’s fashion where you can always succeed.

In addition to their own private MAUDD label, you also can shop brands such as Il Dolce, Norfy, Iz Naiz, Angelle Milan and Place du Jour. We want to bring the offline shopping experience to online, just like if you are in the store!

Cheers to this new partnership!🥂

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